2018 Sermons


1-7-2018<Combined Service>Pastor Steven Jihn《King’s Preparation _ From Ordinary to Extraordinary》(1 Samuel 9:1-10:8)
1-14-2018<English Service>Pastor Steve Chu《Called, But Not Chosen》(1 Samuel 10:9-27)
1-21-2018<English Service>Pastor Steve Chu《 Saul’s Victory over the Ammonites》(1 Samuel 11:1-15)
1-28-2018<English Service>Pastor Steve Chu《Samuel’s Last Word》(1 Samuel 12:1-25)


2-4-2018<Combined Service>Pastor Daniel Shyu《The Beginning of a Descent into Darkness 》(1 Samuel 13:1-23)
2-11-2018<English Service>Pastor Steve Chu《A True Hero for God》(1 Samuel 14:1-23)
2-18-2018<English Service>Pastor Steve Chu《When Zeal Is Not Enough》(1 Samuel 14:24-52)
2-25-2018<English Service>BrotherTony Coupee 《Who is Forming Your Conscience? 》(1 Timothy 1:17-20)

(Please Note: Mr. Couppee mistakenly refers the Gospel Coalition as Christian Coalition.)


3-4-2018<Combined Service>Pastor Steve Chu《Obedience to God》(1 Samuel 15:1-35)

3-11-2018<English Service>Pastor Steve Chu《Being a Man or Woman after God’s Own Heart》(1Samuel16:1-13 )