Prayer Meeting

Corporate prayer – Wed. 7:30pm

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for the Dragon Boat race on Saturday.
    • Please pray for the health of all the competitors, and pray for our team to work well.
    • We still need more help for the outreach portion! So far only Deacon Ed and Pastor Steve officially signed up. We have the Gospel of John and tracts to pass out.
    • Please pray for Ivana and Paul as they are finishing up many of the crafts for the race. Thanks to the many who have helped.
  • Please pray for the new students outreach. Please pray for Deacon Ben. Please pray that many students will come. Please pray for C2:7, English Corner and other students Bible studies to have new students.
  • Please lift up the youth group fall semester kick-start. Pray for the right material.
  • Brother Rob Riopelle will be coming to CCCM from 8/20-24. Please pray for his preaching and teaching here.
  • Please pray for the married and the engaged.
  • Please pray for the new and returning college students. Please pray for a strong walk with the Lord, and finding good churches.
  • Please pray for many who need healing: Johnny Eng, Deacon Ed, Brother Tom, Sister Coco, Grandma Ma, and Paxton Spence.
  • Please pray for the preaching of God’s Word in Romans- in the application of God’s Word.
  • Please pray for CCCM to stand up as God’s light in the midst of this rebellious world. Please pray for the leaders of the church to stand up for God’s righteousness.