Prayer Meeting

Corporate prayer – Wed. 7:30pm

  • Please pray for those getting baptized. Praise God several of the kids from our church wants to be baptized! Pray that they may have true knowledge of their rebirth.
  • Please pray for the nomination committee. It has been tough filling the role of elders and deacons. Please pray for men to step up in the future to be good shepherds. Pray also for the board meeting on Saturday.
  • Bibles are being passed around again to UWM. Please pray that we can bear fruit and that more people will come to church.
  • There will be a men’s breakfast at the end of this month. Please pray for the good fellowship would happen.
  • Please continue to pray for students luncheon and English corner. Please pray that better relationships can be developed there for the spreading of the gospel.
  • Please pray for the preaching of God’s Word.
  • Please pray for Stanley Guo, who will undergo cancer surgery next week. Please pray for Jenny Yao Zheng, that her baby will be delivered safely.
  • Please continue to pray for the future of Kenosha United Christian Church, and Bro. Ed’s weekly ministry there.
  • Please pray for our Sunday School ministry: for more adults to attend Bro. Ed’s, for Mike and Steve in their weekly teaching, for other teachers to come alongside, and for Bro. Mike Chan’s discipleship. Please pray for the strengthening of this ministry.
  • There is an ordinance banning conversion therapy for those under 18 being promoted to the Milwaukee Common Council. If pass, it would criminalize any Christian who tries to counsel minors struggling with same-sex attraction. Pray that Christians will stand up and speak to our Alderman against this ungodly law.
  • Please pray for Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Common Council is considering passing an ordinance against conversion therapy for minors. This would prevent Christians from giving biblical counseling to minors struggling with same-sex attraction. Please pray that no impediment may stand in the way of spreading the gospel to all people.