Prayer Meeting

Corporate prayer – Wed. 7:30pm

  • Praise God for Pastor Daniel’s message and the Lord’s Table. Please pray that we will be more Christ-like in every area of our lives- that God would bring peace and fight against the Devil in our spiritual struggles.
  • Praise God that we can have a youth counselors- parents meeting. Please pray for Paul and Christian especially as they are planning the youth group. Please pray for the young people in our midst, especially the seniors- Aaron, Cristine, Matthias, Rachel and William- that they might grow in the grace of Christ.
  • Praise God for Pastor Feng’s ministry of speaking to 10,000 in Hong Kong. Please pray for him as he finishes his ministry in Hong Kong.
  • Please continue to pray for the teaching in Samuel. Don will be preaching.
  • Please pray for the Sunday School ministry of Mike Mac, Ed, and Pastor Steve.
  • Please pray for our church elders meeting tonight and the elders and deacons meeting on Saturday. Please pray for our church’s focus for 2018.
  • Please pray for the upcoming wedding of Christian and Lynnae.
  • Please continue to remember our sister Jean Wang and her family.
  • Please pray for the security ministry at church. Praise God, Paul set up the camera for Downer’s door. Please pray for the rest of the set-up.
  • Please pray for CCCM and churches to continue being light in this world to abate the spread of evil in our land.