2017 Sermons


[1-01-2017] Pastor Danile Shyu – “Prelude to a Symphony of Gospel Declaration” (Combined Service)

[1-08-2017] Pastor Steve Chu – “The Power of the Gospel”

Chinese School Song Offering for Chinese New Year

[1-15-2017] Pastor Steve Chu – “God’s Righteous Wrath”

[1-22-2017] Pastor Steve Chu – “The Gospel for Those Who Think They Are Pretty Good”

[1-29-2017] Pastor Steve Chu – “The Mark of a True Jew”


[2-05-2017] Pastor Steve Chu– “A Great Advantage” (Combined Service)

[2-05-2017]  CCCM long time Missionaries special sharing” 

[2-12-2017] Pastor Steve Chu – “The Verdict on Humanity”






7-16-2017 <English Service> Pastor Steve Chu《The Unfathomable Mercy of God》(Romans 11:25-36) (1)
7-16-2017 <English Service> Pastor Steve Chu《The Unfathomable Mercy of God》(Romans 11:25-36) (2)
7-23-2017 <English Service> Pastor Steve Chu《Offering a Living Sacrifice》(Romans 12:1-8) (1)
7-23-2017 <English Service> Pastor Steve Chu《Offering a Living Sacrifice》(Romans 12:1-8) (2)
7-30-2017 <English Service> Pastor Steve Chu《The Mark of the Christian》(Romans 12:9-21)


8-13-2017 <English Service> Pastor Steve Chu《The Christian Duty to Love and Preservation of Society》(Romans 13:8-14)
8-20-2017 <English Service> Pastor Rob Riopelle 《Does It Really Matter?》(Romans 14:1-12)
8-27-2017 <English Service> Pastor Steve Chu《Loving a Weaker Brother》(Romans 14:13-23)


9-3-2017 <English & Chinese Combined Service> Pastor Daniel  Shyu《GImitation of Christ in Bearing and Welcoming One Another》(Roman 15:1-3)

9-10-2017 <English Service>Pastor Steve Chu《Taking Pride In Our Work for Christ》(Roman 15:14-21)

9-17-2017 <English Service>Pastor Steve Chu《How to Know that You’re Ministering and Not Just Hiding in a Christian Ghetto》(Roman 15:22-33)

9-24-2017 <English Service> Rev.Don Bader《God’s Heart for People》(Roman 16:1-21)


10-1-2017 <English Service> Pastor Steve Chu《Final Warning and a Great Final Blessing》(Roman 16::017-27)
10-8-2017 <Mission Conference >Missionary Daniel & Weiwei 《A Risk Worth Taking by Faith in (the word of) God 》
10-8-2017 <Mission Conference >Missionary  Weiwei Sharing 
10-15-2017 <English Service> Pastor Steve Chu《Samuel Introduction: When All You Got is a Prayer》(1 Samuel 1::1-28)
10-22-2017 <English Service> Pastor Steve Chu《 A Mother’s Power and a Father’s Failure》(1 Samuel 2::1-36)
10-29-2017 <English Service> Pastor Steve Chu《Samuel’s  Call》(1 Samuel 3::1-21)


11-12-2017 <English Service> Brother Ed Clark《Wisdom, Wealth, and Avoiding a Meaningless Life》(1 King 9::1-9)
11-19-2017 <English Service> Pastor Steve Chu《God’s Judgment on Pagan Idols》(1 Samuel 5::1-12)


12-3-2017      Technology Problem

12-10-2017     Technology Problem

12-17-2017     Technology Problem

12-24-2017< Christmas Combined Service>(Praise & Worship)

12-24-2017< Christmas Combined Service>Pastor Bingcheng Feng《Peace Be With You》(Luke 2:8-14;John 20:19-20)
12-31-2017 <English Service> Pastor Steve Chu《The Magnificat: Mary’s Song and What It Can Teach Us》(Luke1::46-55)